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Carpet Cleaning Windsor Services

Are you looking for the best carpet cleaning Windsor services? How about a  carpet cleaning service where you can get deeper cleaning and faster-drying carpets which provides a healthier home or office, not only for you but also your family and employees. Worry no more! Choosing us for your carpet cleaning services helps you get cleaner carpets! Our  Windsor carpet cleaners use a unique cleaning process to deliver you a cleaner and long-lasting carpet.

About Us

We keep your carpets clean, which is vital for a healthier home. Uncleaned carpets can lead to several respiratory diseases- that’s why we’re here to prevent that. Undoubtedly, a jaw-dropping rug or carpet, with its stunning design, can make your room twice as fabulous. However, no matter how beautiful and elegant it might be, it can be quite hard to maintain. Deep cleaning and shampooing aren’t enough.

Another thing is that you should be careful about the products and tools you use or about to use. Always bear in mind that one mistake can lead your invaluable piece straight down the garbage cascade. Now and then, some of these difficult tasks need professionals and experts. If you need someone to aid your carpet problems, we provide the best people that you can hire.

Our company was established as a upholstery and carpet cleaning business. We value our customers’ money. That’s why we are the first choice of carpet cleaning. We serve our customers wholeheartedly, and we look forward to providing our service to you and happy to embrace you in our customer list. Our carpet cleaning service is one of the basic services we provide. We clean your carpet; we give you a happier home!

Our Services

Best Carpet Cleaning Service

We effectively clean your carpet! Our team uses updated steam cleaning equipment to eradicate and extract accrued soils, residues, allergens, contaminants, and pollutants in your carpet. We use a professional method to promote a healthy and environment and proliferates the longevity of your home’s carpet.

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Carpets dry within hours, not days since we use a cleaning process that doesn’t mostly use water. This means you and your family can go back and enjoy your home.

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Our main carpet cleaning solution is uniquely carbonated. It infiltrates thoroughly into your carpet’s filaments. It removes different types of dirt thoroughly within your carpets so it can be aerated away with our high-quality removal equipment. This gives you the cleanest carpet. You are assured that there is no dirt or any residue left with your carpets. This way carpets stay long-lasting cleaner.

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We use a technique which uses lesser water.
In our carpet cleaning services. This way, lesser possibilities of mold growth under your fabulous carpet. This can result from the extreme water used by most mist carpet cleaners. We clean your carpet at its best. This way, we can help you provide a healthier home.

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Upholstery Cleaning

We use the latest equipment and brushes to deeply eradicate and extract different types of dirt from your upholstery. We care about your upholstery. Let it be cleaned.

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Flood & Water Damage

You know water can put your carpet in danger, don’t let it happen! Neglected wet carpets may leave permanent water stains once it dry and you can no longer remove it. With our latest moisture detection, we search at risk spots and dry your carpet thoroughly.

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Area Rug Cleaning

We clean areas rugs of all sizes. Both big and small expentive and economically priced. We can quickly and efficently clean your area rugs and have them dried in no time.

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Pet Odours & Stains

We have advanced cleaning solutions to take care of the toughest and smellest of pet odours. Whether it be a cat, dog or other form of animal we have tackled them all. Give this service a try today.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Do you have some tile and grout in your kitchen or heavily walked areas in your home or office? Our top of the line tools can get rid of the tougest of tile & grout stains to help beautify and brighten your office and office to it’s original state.


Our mission is to make your homes cleaner, healthier & safer carpets. To save our customers’ money by making their carpets long-lasting and upholstery while providing the best and absolute service experience. To have our clients and community refer us and talk about us to their friends, family, and even business partners. To provide a service that is reliable, honest, expert, and trustworthy. To be known as a local company that people will choose to let their carpet be cleaned. To set the standard in the area for cleaning and service companies by providing a high-quality and higher level of service. To be transparent with our customers by listening, educating them, and offering the best solutions and treatment plans with their needs.


The vision of our carpet cleaning Windsor company is to be positioned as the go-to local expert in our industry while providing a positive and development continuously, individually or as one team.

Our Core Values


We take pride and enjoy our exceptional reputation locally. A local floor covering professionals commonly refer to us. We provide high-quality services for our clients to trust us.


Premium Carpet Care is conversant with uncommon soiling conditions and proficient in every type of hard surfaces and of textiles. We are recognized for resolving cleaning challenges other companies cannot do.


All our Windsor technicians are experienced and professionally trained. We continuously attend industry related classes, programs, and seminars to stay updated with new technological advancements and the latest trends regarding our field.


Our carpet cleaners are equipped with the most advanced and state-of-the-art cleaning techniques and equipment.  These deliver optimal spot removal and soil eradication but not wetting your precious carpet, and leaving that sticky filtrate behind.


We guarantee your satisfaction.  We ensure that you will like our high-quality services.

Our Team

Our team of carpet cleaning Windsor based experts are experienced and professional enough to clean your carpets. In each project our team takes up, we resolve every problem with your carpet. Our carpet cleaners also have the best techniques and strategies to resolve your carpet issues. We are also trusted in removing the toughest and oldest stains in your beloved carpet. Our focus is to restore your home, office or establishment upholstery, carpets, and rugs clean just like how it shines, and give brilliance like a new one- providing the best quality.

Remember that the materials used in every carpet are different. What could not work for one carpet may work with another one, that’s why our Windsor carpet cleaners assess your rugs and carpets before resolving and starting any treatment procedure. Our team serve us the best solution for your carpet issues and ensure you with its quality. Seek help for your carpets to be cleaned. Let us help you! Call our Windsor carpet cleaners now, and we’ll be there right away! We clean your carpet. We put a smile on your face! Book us now!